Barbara Kingsolver Website

An evolution of web design and functionality.

Writer, Pulitzer prize nominee, and valued partner, Barbara Kingsolver approached Hillhouse Creative over a decade ago to develop the author’s website. The 2011 Addy-winning site had served her well, but advances in technology and how online users consume their information has changed tremendously since the original site launched. It was time to freshen the look and improve the functionality of the site for both the end user, the author, and her team.

A Friendly Format for All

In order to deliver an enjoyable experience for the media and her fans, making the site mobile friendly was priority number one. The responsive design offers a seamless experience for visitors to the site whether they view it on desktop, tablet, or mobile. We freshened up the look and feel of the site with a modern approach to the layout and navigation, and used book cover art and photography for visual interest and pops of color throughout.

From this.

To this.

Establishing Credibility

The website was built using WordPress, which makes it easy for the site to continue to adapt to both the author’s needs and changing technology. We also customized the back end to make it easier for the author and her team to update the site. Now, instead of sifting through lines of code to update books, news, and events, it is as easy as uploading an image and filling out a form. Our team created training videos demonstrating how to navigate the menus and options in WordPress and they are accessible to Barbara Kingsolver and her team to view as needed to assist with managing content updates.

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