PlaySafe’s new website ensures a better overall experience

The phrase “user experience” (or UX) may seem like robot-speak to some, but good user experience is crucial to making a website easy to navigate for real people. Because our friends at PlaySafe USA are flesh-and-blood humans, they didn’t say, “beep, boop, improve our UX,” when they came to us for a website refresh – but after talking through their site with them, we knew that was what they needed. By redesigning the site, reorganizing the content, and improving SEO, a better user experience came naturally. The site now offers more value to both internal and external users.

Simplifying, clarifying, and streamlining

Prior to the redesign, the PlaySafe website had a few issues: too many pages; scattered, hard-to-find content; an inconsistent voice. PlaySafe’s executive director requested a more polished site with a fresh look that she could be proud to share. We started with an improved site map that organized content across just five pages, decreasing the number of clicks required to get where a visitor needs to go. At the same time, the site can grow as the organization grows.

For the new and improved home page, we clarified who PlaySafe is and what they do by adding updated copy, on-point photography, and prominent call-to-action buttons. Visitors can simply scroll down to read more about what PlaySafe athletic trainers do, as well as statistics and testimonials to emphasize the importance of these allied health professionals. We also added a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to better inform site visitors.


The new PlaySafe site now speaks directly to their primary target audience – the parents of student athletes. Parents can gain a better understanding of why PlaySafe athletic trainers are so important for the safety of their children. The organization’s secondary target audience, which includes athletic trainers, donors, and partners, also find it easier to understand PlaySafe’s mission.


Additional features

We made a few more changes that made a big impact on the user experience, including:
Jamie Wood Emory
Executive Director


“Hillhouse Creative was wonderful to work with. They communicated well throughout the process and delivered exactly the kind of website I was hoping for – actually BETTER than what I was hoping for! Thank you for delivering a website I couldn’t be happier with!”

The new PlaySafe USA website offers a far better user experience for PlaySafe staff, parents of student athletes, donors, partners, and job applicants – you know, real humans!

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