Our Process

What our clients can expect when they work with us in helping them achieve their goals and solve their communication problems.


The discovery phase of the process focuses on information gathering. We meet with you and project stakeholders, we listen, and we ask questions—what have you done in the past? what are you doing now? what are your goals for the future? We work together to define the problem that needs to be solved, discuss timeline, budget, and any additional expectations you may have.


The strategy phase is where we put on our thinking caps. Once we have a better understanding of your business and goals, we brainstorm. We determine what strategies and tactics we will use to achieve the objectives defined in the discovery meeting. Our approach is analogous to building a home—first you work with an architect to establish the blueprint, then you begin construction. Following the strategy phase, we’ll meet again to review a recommended plan.


This is where the strategy begins to take shape and vision becomes reality. The concept phase is where we explore voice and visuals—and it’s often considered the most fun. The result is a solution that will captivate your audience and inspire them to take action.


The execution stage is where it all comes together. The need was defined, the approach outlined, the concept to connect with your audience established. It’s solid, it fits, it’s a foundation for your success.


Although it may sound rather final, our process doesn’t end with the execution. During the evaluation phase, we review results and answer the question, “what’s next?” Our goal is to ensure your success now and in your continued marketing efforts. We value collaboration with our clients and view it as an on-going process, in and of itself—one to be continuously improved and refined.