6 Ways a Social Media Calendar Can Free Up Your Time and Transform the Way You Communicate.

Without a doubt keeping up with social media is one of the most challenging things a small business must tackle. Social media is  one of the most effective tools for building and growing your business  audience. However, it also can take up more bandwidth (time and energy) than you can allocate.

Is there a better way to plan and organize your posts?

Yes, there is. Social media calendars can help you create a more streamlined and easy to maintain social presence on any platform—and on multiple platforms, too.

Here are a few of the ways a social media calendar can benefit you and your business.

Organize your social media calendar

Organize your content

With a social media calendar, you can clearly see what you are planning to post, and have a formal record of the posts you’ve already published.

Seeing your content planned out over time can give you a different perspective. You begin to see your content as a whole and not just as a single post. This kind of overview can help you plan future posts and understand what types of posts work and which do not.

Engage your audience with a social media calendar

Free up your time to engage your audience

To establish a mutually beneficial relationship with your audience you need to engage with them, and not just post and walk away. However, if you are spending most of your time trying to figure out what content to create or share with your audience, you have less time to engage with them or less time for other aspects of your business.

A social media calendar allows you to plan out a week’s worth of content, which opens up your schedule to have conversations with your audience within your social channels or engage in other aspects of your business.

A social media calendar also has the added benefit of allowing you to consider when in the day to post your content so that you aren’t distracted with other important tasks.

Post timely content

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a social media calendar is your ability to plan more timely posts. 

Is there a special holiday coming up that requires particular types of posts or particular hashtags?

Do you have a marketing campaign planned for a certain month or perhaps around a product launch?

With a social media calendar, you can easily plan around a campaign. 

You may even discover throughout the year which months see more engagement and which don’t. You can then use that information to help plan when to launch your big marketing pushes next year.

prevent poor writing with a social media calendar

Prevent poor writing or irrelevant posts

One of the main pitfalls of not using a social media calendar is rushing at the last minute to write a post. 

When you plan out your posts, you have more time to edit and proofread your posts.

Beyond grammatical superiority, planned posts can be researched for validity and/or peer-reviewed to make them more effective.

Finding balance with your social media calendar

Balance your social channels

Have you ever felt like you’re spending a lot of time on one social media platform but not on another? Maybe you find yourself posting a lot on Facebook, but your Twitter account is floundering.

It’s much easier to balance your social network posting with a social media calendar, and the task is far less daunting. Knowing you have a blog post for Twitter on Tuesday, you can easily check it off instead of spending time worrying.

Build consistency with a social media calendar

Build your credibility through consistency

When you feed relevant, consistent content to your audience, they begin to expect it. The more consistent and relevant you are, the more trust and credibility you build. Both are essential for sales and growing your business.

With a social media calendar, it becomes far easier to be consistent and prevent neglected channels or haphazard posts.

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