6 Questions To Ask To Improve Your Social Media Profile

Social media platforms offer a great opportunity to grow your website’s traffic. Since businesses and organizations can easily create free profiles, many turn to social media first when establishing their brand or while waiting to develop their website. Social media can greatly contribute to your overall online presence and it’s important to consider it as a critical part of your marketing plan.

Our last newsletter provided our Top 10 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2021.

In this issue, we’re focusing on Tip 2: Be More Sociable.

We’ve provided the following checklist to review your social media platforms and make sure your channels are ready for prime time.

1. Are your “who, what, when, where, and how” information bits correct?

Don’t make your customers work to find you. More information increases trust and improves the chance of conversion. Check these on all your social platforms.

2. Do you have a concise, consistent description of your business products and services on each social platform?

We call this “boilerplate”, it’s your elevator speech about what your company does and who you are. It’s very handy for social media and for other opportunities where you have seconds to introduce your company.

3. Are your profile images and brand colors consistent across platforms?

If people see you on Facebook, will they recognize you on your other social channels or when they get to your website?

4. Have you optimized your page headers to highlight your key selling position?

This is prime communication space, and it’s free! Highlight whatever is the hot topic for your business now, and update frequently.

5. Is your call to action on each platform clear and easy to find?

This could be “shop now,” “call now,” “learn more,” or whatever suits your business best.

6. Are your page URLs consistent?

There are some requirements to meet for each platform, but a consistent page URL that points to your business name or brand description really strengthens your brand marketing.

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