Starting Small Can Lead to Big Results

An Agile Approach to a Pressing Need

Auros Pharma, a new company developing life-saving solutions to combat the opioid crisis, partnered with us to create a website to house information about their growing lineup of medications that treat a variety of debilitating conditions.

The Challenge

Ultimately, Auros needed a thorough website where they could present all the information necessary to share their products with the world. Their most immediate need, however, was a professional, informative resource the company’s founder could utilize when meeting with potential investors.

Our Approach

We suggested a two-phase process. In phase 1, we developed and launched a one-page site that Auros could use immediately. 

We were able to move quickly because when the client came to us, they already had solid branding, including look, feel, and voice. They also provided the majority of necessary content, which we helped to wordsmith. Having this solid foundation enabled us to publish a one-page website in plenty of time for the owner to use in important meetings with potential investors.

Next, we began phase 2 – creating the full website that shows where Auros’s products are in the development pipeline and provides detailed product descriptions.

Phase 1

One-Page Site

Phase 2

Multi-Page Site


Auros now has a fully functional website that informs patients, providers, and investors of the groundbreaking treatments the company is developing. It includes a hidden blog page that can be “turned on” when needed to share news updates, as well as contact pages for investors and other interested parties to use.

A great feature of the website is that as the company grows, their website can grow as well. Pages can be added as needed, while retaining the site’s useability and navigability. If edits to existing pages become necessary, such as updates to a product’s place in the development pipeline, the client can make those changes themselves if they choose to. 


Often, small-business owners feel that creating a full website is overwhelming or too expensive. They don’t realize that it can start small, like the Auros site did, and expand over time. Even a relatively simple one-page website is better than only a social media presence. A Facebook page doesn’t necessarily fit every business, but a website does. Having your own space on the web is essential because you own it and you control it.

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