The International Storytelling Center

Furthering the power of storytelling.

When it comes to storytelling, we go waaaay back. . . all the way to 1985 when the National Storytelling Festival was a bring-your-own chair event and storytelling was something that just happened in libraries. Now, storytelling is more than entertainment. It’s a key part of peacemaking, filmmaking, branding, healthcare, and more. It’s been a joy to help integrate this ageless art into modern culture.

Over the many years of our partnership, we’ve provided a lot of design – with festival programs, brochures, posters, and t-shirts. As the festival gained popularity, and storytelling took hold as a respected art form, we took on larger projects, such as newsletter production, large marketing projects, and publication of an award-winning national magazine. Today, the National Storytelling Festival is recognized globally, and its locale, the town of Jonesborough, is known as the “Storytelling Capital of the World.” 


  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Marketing Communications Consultation
  • Photography
  • Promotional Products