The Hatchery, Center for Innovation

The Hatchery, Center for Innovation

Innovative Creative

The Hatchery at Emory University is housed within a 15,000 square foot creativity and collaboration space. It offers mentoring and program support for all stages of innovation, from inspiration and learning to projects and startups.
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The Hatchery wanted to revamp its collateral materials starting with a four-page brochure that could be distributed in print or online. They wanted the piece to:

  • Showcase university imagery of The Hatchery
  • Include iconography to speak to what happens at the center
  • Use the Emory sky blue from the secondary color palette for a pop of color
  • Complement the existing Emory branding while taking some creative liberties

Original Brochure

hatchery old2

Creative Inspiration

We noticed a difference between some of the stylistic choices in the university’s communications strategy document and the original Hatchery brochure, as well as opportunities to create a more innovative piece and still stay on brand. 

Emory’s communication strategy guidelines had plenty of color choices. Including some layering and using some of the textures in the strategy document could give the Hatchery Brochure less of a boxy feel and add dimensionality.

Initial Concept

hatchery new2

Collaboratively Creative

After we began working on the initial design, we discovered another team was in the beginning stages of creating a PowerPoint deck for the center. The client shared with us the progress the other team had made on the PowerPoint. In return, we shared our progress on the brochure.

To maintain brand consistency, we suggested pausing development on the brochure until internal stakeholders approved the visual direction of the PowerPoint. Updates to the PowerPoint included many elements from our initial design, such as color choices and the use of white space.

Once the final PowerPoint was approved, we updated our design to be more cohesive with the overall look now in place, which included bold swaths of color, strong angles, and areas of clean white space.

hatchery 1 mockup
hatchery 2 mockup

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