We are a strategically-minded creative agency.

We connect you with your audience using marketing insight, strategy, and innovative design.

We solve problems and cultivate relationships.

Your brand is unique and you need an agency invested in tailoring solutions distinct to you. Hillhouse Creative combines thoughtful strategy with innovative execution to create experiences that will engage your audience.


You have a challenge and we can help you meet it. Not enough time? Skillset not in your wheelhouse? Gaps can be filled, and great things can happen when we work together. 


Every marketing solution starts with a conversation. We start by learning who you are and where you want to go. That way we can implement the steps required to meet your goals.

Creative Design

You need more than piecemeal solutions. You need a blueprint for success. We design solutions unique to you to help you reach your audience and realize your marketing goals.

Are you a small business looking to grow or an established organization with a very specific creative need? We're here to help.

Some of the clients we've helped

Kellie Crowe
Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator

“Hillhouse Creative is my first choice for all things creative! Not only are we provided with an over-the-top customer experience, the end result is always a “Wow!”

Recent Work


People Incorporated Color Refresh

A color palette is an essential part of any brand’s identity. You can probably identify a famous brand’s main color off the top of your head: Coca-Cola – red. Mailchimp – yellow. UPS – brown....

Northeast Tennessee Tourism Associations Airport Signage

When the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association (NETTA) asked us to create something eye-catching to entice visitors, we worked with them to craft signage that’s as vibrant as the region itself. Hundreds of thousands of travelers...

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We work within your budget, often offering a tiered approach. Do you need a simple low-range budget-friendly solution? A mid-range meatier solution, or a premium solution that gives your project that little something extra?

How long will this project take?

You may need a graphic for a presentation tomorrow or a website that will represent your company for years to come. We estimate based on our workload and experience, while also factoring in your schedule to give you as accurate a timeline as possible.

Will I own the work when it is finished?

The answer is yes. You will be the complete and outright owner of the final logo, collateral materials, website or finished project. We retain the rights to any unused concepts or elements developed during the process.

Derek Calhoun, MBA

In less than 2 months we had everything we needed in our new website and we’ve seen a 1,000% growth in sales so far this fiscal year! Had we known the return on investment of a custom website and not a template, we would have approached a web professional from the beginning.



5 Website Mistakes to Avoid

Website design choices can make a huge impact on your viewers’ experience. It’s easy to get caught up in a pretty design and forget the functionality and how it works as a whole. To that...

5 Benefits of Sharing Your Marketing Budget

The old adage that there are three things to avoid talking about at the dinner table—religion, politics, and money—is something most of us are familiar with. In particular, we’ve been indoctrinated to feel as if...

Let’s do great work, together.

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