Innovative Communications for Impactful Nonprofits

At Hillhouse Creative, we provide branding, design, and web solutions that increase visibility, amplify fundraising opportunities, and accelerate impact for established nonprofit organizations.

You’re passionate about social good and making the world a better place

Drive change with strong communications that will attract and engage supporters and accelerate the impact of your mission.

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Improve Visibility

It’s time the good work you do gets the recognition it deserves. Let’s clarify your message and create consistent visuals so you can effortlessly share your nonprofit’s purpose.

Amplify Fundraising

Imagine the impact you could make with more resources at your disposal. Let’s create tools and marketing assets that attract, inspire, and engage your supporters and donors.

Maximize Impact

The good work you do now will shape the future. Drive change, accelerate impact, and expand your nonprofit’s reach with strong communications that showcase your organization in the best light possible.

You work to create the change you hope to see in the world.

We’ll help you get the impact and visibility you desire.

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Together, we can tame your marketing to-dos

At Hillhouse Creative, we take a strategy-first approach to each and every project. All work begins with our signature Brand Benchmark process. This allows us to be proactive as we prioritize your marketing needs to meet your nonprofit’s immediate and long-term goals.

It’s time your branding, design, and website reflect the good work you do.



Establish a consistent written and visual identity that makes you instantly recognizable in your community and inspires people to take action.


Create unique print and digital visual solutions that reach your audience, inspire them to take action, and realize your marketing goals.


Develop and optimize strategic user experiences that not only attract the ideal people to your website, but also reiterate your mission and intrigue prospective donors.

We partner with inspiring organizations and nonprofits who drive positive change.

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Let’s Team Up

1. Schedule a Time to Chat
All great partnerships start with a simple conversation. Let’s connect for a 15-minute chat to learn more about how we can work together.
2. Book Your Brand Benchmark Session
Strategy drives success, and before we do anything on your creative project, we want to learn everything possible about you and your audience to decide on the best approach to your work
3. Implement, Analyze, and Adjust
When your Brand Benchmark is complete, we’ll push our sleeves up and get to work on your branding, design, or website project.

“Hillhouse Creative is collaborative and professional. We’re always pleased with their organization, responsiveness, and quality of work. I highly recommend them.”

“Hillhouse Creative is collaborative and professional. We’re always pleased with their organization, responsiveness, and quality of work. I highly recommend them.”

Laura Pennington
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Virginia Highlands Community College
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Leverage the Superpower of Your Nonprofit Brand

Do you ever wish you could have superpowers that would give you clarity on where to focus your energy, a team that reflects your values, a better return on your marketing dollars, and a community that understands and engages with your nonprofit?

The good news is you don’t need literal superhuman abilities to have these for your organization. What you DO need is a brand strategy that gives you superhero-like qualities. Learn how to leverage the superpower of your brand with our free guide!


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