A compelling brand is the cornerstone of effective creative materials and communications. Together, we’ll craft a brand that not only catches the eye, but captures the heart, propelling you toward the future you envision for your nonprofit organization.
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand voice and messaging
  • Brand tagline
  • Logo design
  • Brand color palette
  • Brand assets
  • Brand guidelines
  • Video direction
  • Photography
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting

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When the Tri-Cities TN/VA region was developing its new “STREAMWORKS” program to broaden educational outreach in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, they brought us in to assist with branding. We created an interactive brand with elements that are easily incorporated into student work and designed the program’s awards materials.


Virginia Highlands Community College Wolf Logo

After two decades, Virginia Highlands Community College’s iconic wolf logo was ready for a facelift. We created several concepts to help narrow down the look and feel the college’s administration was looking for. With their feedback, we finalized a logo, worked to add visual interest and depth, then created several different lockups for different applications.

mecc logo header 1230x600 1

Mountain Empire Community College 50th Anniversary Logo

For MECC’s 50th anniversary, a logo was needed to use in marketing the year’s festivities. After discussing the necessary elements and revisiting color palettes and other visual identity details, we got to work. The final design was bold and simple, incorporating the region’s mountains as well as the school’s arts and crafts heritage.

peopleinc color

People Incorporated Color Refresh

People Incorporated felt that their core and secondary palettes no longer reflected their brand. They came to us for recommendations on an updated color palette that would be flexible, vibrant, and better represent their friendly, helpful, community-oriented personality.

Branding FAQs

That depends: Do you prefer winging it or having a plan that sets you up for success? If you answered the latter, then the answer is yes! Nonprofit branding creates a recognizable identity, builds trust with supporters, and amplifies your message, driving increased engagement and support. From hiring your team to what you post on social media, having a solid brand makes everything easier.

Absolutely! We understand that rebranding can be a significant undertaking, and budget constraints are common for nonprofits. We’re committed to finding a solution that works for you. While it may extend the timeline, working together in phases will allow you to plan the investment into your budget more comfortably and still achieve your goals.

Because we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs, our branding process may flex depending on where you are in your branding journey. Our typical process includes:

We begin by getting to know your organization inside and out and gathering insights about your type of nonprofit, competitors, and audience.

With the information gathered during the discovery phase, we develop a comprehensive branding strategy. This includes defining your brand’s mission, vision, and positioning. We also outline your brand’s personality, voice, and key messaging.

Everything comes to life! Our team gets to work creating the visual representation of your brand—color schemes, logos and typography, and other brand assets. We ensure that the design aligns with your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience. You receive guidelines that serve as a reference for your team and offer continuous support to ensure brand consistency across all areas of your marketing.

Of course! We often do small projects, such as postcards or single ads, for our long-term clients. Project-based work starts at $1,500.

If we haven’t worked together yet, we suggest having a conversation to review your needs and goals so we can determine the scope of your project, its fit with our services, potential return on investment, and more.

We may also encourage you to consider your approach to some of our a la cart offerings. For example, a logo is just one component of an effective brand. By partnering with us, you can benefit from a holistic service ensuring that every element of your visual brand aligns with your brand strategy. Don’t have one? Let’s talk about working together to create a solid brand foundation that will make everything from hiring decisions to marketing efforts that much easier. It might just be the beginning to an incredible partnership!

The time involved varies depending on your needs (e.g., complete strategy development, logo design, secondary color palette, etc.). A branding project can range from 4 to 8 weeks. Curious how long your project may take? Let’s chat!
Dennis Courtney

“Hillhouse Creative is second to none, offering complete customer service, and amazing, creative work. The staff place your needs as their top priority, which equals a turnkey project and superior work.”

“Hillhouse Creative is second to none, offering complete customer service, and amazing, creative work. The staff place your needs as their top priority, which equals a turnkey project and superior work.”

Dennis Courtney
Founding Director


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